• Amla Extracts (Tannins)

  • Amla, the Indian Gooseberry is a fruit which has fascinated the medico-research community due to its high medicinal value. Amala or Phyllanthus Emblica, also known as Emblic, Emblic Myrobalan, Mycrobalo, Malecca Tree etc is a major ingredient of globally accepted Ayurvedic preparations like Chyavanaprash and Triphala. It is a rich source of vitamin C, as low molecular weight hydrolyzable tannins containing a molecular fragment similar to ascorbic acid (vitamin C) are the active principles of Amla. Amla, with its high medicinal value is an active constituent of many Ayurvedic medicines used for effective treatment for various diseases including chronic ailments for over 5,000 years. All parts of this deciduous plant are used for a wide range of treatments.

    Common Name: Amla

    Botanical Name: Phyllanthus emblica

    Active Content: Tannins & Ascorbic Acid

    NPE Specification: 1% to 45% (Tannins)
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