• Commiphora Mukul Extract

  • Guggul (commiphora mukul, Burseraceae) is a flowering plant found from northern Africa to central Asia, but is most common in northern India. It prefers arid and semi-arid climates and is tolerant of poor soil. Guggul is used in reducing fat levels from body and used as anti obesity agent since centuries. It helps in relieving pain and swelling and it relaxes the muscle which helps relieve menstrual pain. It has been very dominantly used in arthritic pains. It also possesses the property that helps in reversing the degenerative changes that has occurred in joint and bones.

    Common Name: Guggul

    Botanical Name: Commiphora Mukul

    Active Content: Guggul Sterones & Guggul Lipids

    NPE Specification: Commiphora Mukul Extract 1.5%

    Commiphora Mukul Extract 2.5%

    Commiphora Mukul Extract 3%

    Commiphora Mukul Extract 5%

    Commiphora Mukul Extract 10%

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