• Reserpine

  • Reserpine is a naturally occurring drug that has been used for centuries in ancient India. It is extracted from the root of Rauwolfia vomitoria, plants found extensively in Africa. In traditional herbal medicine, the root was brewed as a tea and used in humans to treat hypertension, insanity, snakebite, and cholera. The purified alkaloid, reserpine, was isolated in 1952 and is considered the first modern drug for the treatment of hypertension. In India Rauwolfia has been used since centuries for relief of central nervous system disorder including anxiety , excitement etc.The drug is now largely used in insanity and high blood pressure. It is more suitable for cases of mild anxiety or patients of chronic mental illness.

    Botanical/Scientific Name: Reserpine

    NPE Specification: Reserpine 98% USP
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