• Turmeric Oleoresin (Oil Soluble & WS)

  • Curcumin Herb (Turmeric Extract / oleoresin), obtained by solvent extraction of the ground spice, contains colouring matter, volatile-oil, fatty oil and bitter principles. It is a tall herb with large root stocks and consists of rhizomes which are ovate, oblong or phyriforam. It is grown in many parts of India as commercial crop. The yellow pigmented fraction Curcumin is isolated from the rhizomes of curcuma longa rhizomes are also used for diverse medicinal/food purposes. Turmeric is closely related to ginger, and the methods by which ginger oleoresin is obtained may be applied to turmeric, the curcumin and the volatile-oil being both extracted by the same volatile-solvent. Turmeric oleoresin may be widely used as coloring and flavoring agents for fast foods, jams, canned foods, etc.

    Common Name: Turmeric oil

    Botanical Name: Curcuma longa

    NPE Specification: Turmeric Oleoresin Oil Soluble & Water soluble
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